Windpower Intelligence Tracker

The Windpower Intelligence Tracker lets you:

  • Track new wind farm plans and projects
  • Be notified of contracts and deals
  • Monitor policies, incentives and subsidies in the countries of your choice
  • Watch company mergers, acquisitions and financing deals
  • Create personalized alerts and watchlists to notify you of any changes
  • Search by wind farm, by company (supplier or developer), by country or region, by industry category
  • Customise reports and data exports to plug straight into your business planning or workflow

Windpower Intelligence Tracker is an unrivalled source of detailed business intelligence. It is built around a database of more than 15,000 wind farms under development and 6,000 wind industry companies, as well as relevant government policies and incentives worldwide. It is kept up to date through continuous monitoring of relevant news sources around the globe, along with dedicated research.

Company monitor

Windpower Intelligence Tracker also provides a global monitor of company activity, including supply chain contracts, mergers, acquisitions and financing deals in the wind energy industry.

Policy monitor

We also monitor more than a 50,000 relevant news sources around the world in real time to pick up changes in public policy, regulation and incentives relevant to the wind industry.


  • Incoming sales leads
  • Business lead prospecting
  • Monitor partners, competitors and deal targets
  • Watchlist alerts sent by email and customisable to be as broad or tightly focused as you want
  • Stay on top of policy changes in your chosen countries or regions
  • Identify investment targets or potential investors

The best way to see the power of the Windpower Intelligence tracker is to try it for yourself. Sign up for a free demo today.

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